Create a campaign promoting British fashion designer Ted Baker launching a new shop in a different country.


Ted and his dogs are on their way to compete in Australia. But which of Ted’s Under Dogs is a champion? An integrated campaign across print, digital and window dressing has been inspired by Ted’s use of dogs in his designs and by Britain’s greyhound racing culture.
Shop hoarding
Ted's Under Dogs were inspired by humorous greyhound racing names and British breeds of dog
Campaign across social media
Alternating Twitter backgrounds represent each of the under dogs' racing prints
Screen printed shop launch invitations
Hidden message behind gift voucher
Shop launch window display
Ted's Under Dogs are on a podium of drawers to reveal which dog is the winner, whilst the visual merchandising of the garments coming out of the drawers promote that Ted Baker is a fashion store. If an attendee of the launch receieved an invitation with Chop Chop Charlie on the front, their discount would be upgraded to 50% their first purchase.
Inspired by Ted's witty charm and appreciation of word of mouth marketing, customers would receive gift vouchers encouraging them to give one to a friend.
Reverse side
April 2013
© Rachel Turner, 2014