I revised the font on my logo to reflect a more feminine yet contemporary feel - the font used is Sofia available from FontSquirrel.
Personally my favourite element of my logo is the ability to change the colour used and even introduce a patten if neccessary - meaning I can refresh the look of my blog, business cards or any other instance of my logo without completely overhauling the brand image.
The logo also works in black and white as can be seen in my present CV.
I wanted to create a landscape CV with a slightly unusual yet still readable and somewhat conventional layout. The border also provides the same 'changeable' function as within the logo - I can modify it to relect my latest pattern, or simply send out a black and white CV with a plain border. 
Fonts used: Sofia for the logo and titles, Nillland for sub headings and Podkova for the body font. 
This is a logo I created for a new sub project - I've wanted to get back into some 'handmade' crafts and sell some products at fairs, so I'm startng to a range of gift wrap, party decor and similar trimmings in time for the Christmas spenders!
Hopefully I'll be able to take this further and expand a little into events design and design for festivals, or creating printed backdrops/arenas - basically I want my work to be featured wherever peaople are having a good time in a creative environment :)  
I find it easier to market  a 'group' than myself sometimes, especially via twitter, and it's obviously beneficially to split stall costs and bounce ideas off friends, so I've created the branding for a little design collective along with two friends who are into embroidery and sewing to sell our handmade wares.