Minimalist Saul Bass influenced movie posters
This is a personal project that are a series
of some of my favourite movies in the style of 
Saul Bass while using a limited colour palete.
Have you seen them all??
No Country for old men:
taken from the scene where both of them are in the hotel.
2001: a space odyssey:
from the seen where a group of hominids discover the black monolith that triggerd a shift in evolution, alowing them to use stone tools and weapons.
Fight club:
This is to represent that both characters are the same person.
Seven psychopaths:
Each bar is to represent a psychopath.
This is from the scene where Renton finds his valium and swims out from the toilet.
(500) Days of summer:
This is representing the distance between the two characters that envolves then finally the break up.
District 9:
This is representing Wurik hiding in the slums of District 9.
The Sunset Limited:
This is representing the different personalities between the two characters.
The Machinist:
This is to represent where Miller gets his hand caught in the machine resulting in losing it.
Showing the house is finally at paradise falls.
The Shawshank Redemption:
Illustrating when Andy empties his pockets every day.
The dark knight rises:
This it to represent when batman get his back broken.
this is to illustrate the power of the sun that the crew faces.
representing the famous shower scene.
Life or Pi:
This is to represent that MR Richards is in control.
Gangs of New York:
the five points of New York.
Is your favourite film not here???
Request it and it might just make it in my next set!!
Minimalist Saul Bass influenced movie posters

Minimalist Saul Bass influenced movie posters

movie poster influenced by saul bass

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