The Queen Rania Foundation Logo (+Case Study)
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    The Queen Rania Foundation logo
The Queen Rania Foundation Logo
At first i created this photo for myself as "mantra" of the project. Education=Oportunity is exactly the story about me. When I was 2 years old my parents divorced and my mom stayed with me and without any support and assistance from my father. My mother is a famous teacher of higher mathematics. In Ukraine, the salary of teachers is just 300-400$ per month. We lived in a small one-room apartment. As a child I did not have anything, but it was all at once - the best free education and a great desire to realize my talent. The first money I earned by winning the mathematical and other competitions in high school (high school paid for the victory). Now i have 3 higher education. And i'm teaching talanted students for free. Last 5 years I'll invest in solar energy, developing innovations. So believe in yourself! Education=Opportunity
+Existing logos of her Majesty Queen Rania intiatives to understand the style and common idea of all logos
+Existing logos of education foundations to Not to make the similar
Existing logos of her Majesty Queen Rania intiatives
First conclusions:

+ logos are hi-professional, actual, modern and impressive 
+star is a main symbol
+all logos are positive and bright
+handmade font as symbol of education
+the logo of The Queen Rania Foundation should be organic with other existing logos
Existing logos of education foundations
First conclusions:

+ The main symbols: star, book, hands, tree
Logo should be:

+simple as possible
+bright (rainbow colours)
+1-colour ready
+with handmade elements (crayon, pencil)
+the main idea: education=growth. Books as sprout. Circle as globe. Heart as spreading the love
+star is the main shape
+elegant typography with arabic sources

Logo variations