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    Ted Baker D&AD
This brief required Ted Baker to be introduced to another country and generate word-of-mouth advertising to gain interest.
I chose to introduce the brand to America, and did this using the humorous English to English language barrier and the notion that Americans see Brits as their 'Cousins'. 
The concept begins by letting the public know that 'Cousin Ted' is coming to town. They are able to follow his twitter feed, in which he uses typically British language on the lead up to the launch event. The event is staged as a family reunion, with 'Cousin Ted' implied to be the guest of honour. There is trifle, eccentric 'Baker' family members, and family portraits.
These family portraits are taken in the window display of the store, something which continues long after the launch event, spurring word-of-mouth advertising through passers by. 
'Cousin Ted's' legacy continues through the use of his british phrases around the store interior, and also in an illustrated pocket phrase book of 'Ted's Terms'.