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    The Cheese Shop
The Cheese Shop in Nottingham is a family run business, focused on quality, heritage and a friendly, personal service with an enthusiasm for British cheeses.
The brief was to rebrand the company, specifically to design a new brand logo and to show how this would work across different medias. My concept was to make the cheese the hero of the brand. This is brought across in the transluscent wax packaging, so the cheese can be clearly seen, with the logo acting as a seal of approval. Stickers are used to seal the cheeses and are personalised to each purchase to tell the customer which animal the cheese was produced from, the type and origin of the cheese, the date it was purchased and by whom they were served by. This is designed to build a personal relationship with customers.
The brand is relayed across the store front, interior and accessories.
Brand marque is frosted onto the shop front so as not to distract from the hero of the brand.
Loyalty cards reinforce brand - customer relationship
Cheeses are marked according to the animal which they orginate from.
Shelving labels suggest luxury.