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Concentration Game Plate
Childhood is one of the most precious time in everyone’s life. It should be a time for kids to learn how to communicate with other kids and spend time with their friends, yet there are many kids in this world who suffer from disabilities. They do not have many opportunities to meet friends or go out. They are as eager to have companies as other kids do, but they are often limited by their disabilities or low self-esteem. As designers, one of our responsibilities is to help these kids and to let them be confident again.​​​​​​​
This project intends to make it possible for children who have visual disabilities to play with children who do not have disabilities. 
This game plate and the cards are designed for the Concentration game, also know as Match Match.


Design on the Cards 
• inspiration from nature 
• nowadays kids do not have as many chances to get in touch with nature as years before, especially for kids who have disabilities 
• bringing elements from nature indoor 
• protruding images and braille that kids can feel
Concentration Game Plate