[2019 K-DESIGN AWARD Industrial Grand Prize]
2018 Hongik Univ. Industrial Design Department Graduation Project
Byounghoon Woo, Suhyun Bang
#DJequipment  #Zen-garden  #PracticalObjet

'Minimal objet -like DJ Equipment'
'Whiteout' is a DJ equipment inspired by Zen garden, a garden style that uses rocks and sands. The gutter shape of zen garden, detachable knobs and faders present itself as a beautiful product even when not used. We propose a new aesthetic alternative to the pre-existing DJ equipments.
Today's DJ equipment is a complex of many technological innovations. However, design elements, such as aesthetics and usability, have not been considered in DJ equipment. So the DJ equipment has a complicated look, and the downside that makes DJing look more difficult than it really is. Furthermore DJ equipment is not played, it does not go along with the environments and and the other well designed products.
Zen Garden, the design language
In the simple and deep sense of Zen garden, a Japanese garden style, it has drawn two key words: circulation and repetition. 
With a simple and neat form of equipment, DJ can capture his musical world.
(Backgrounds and Images for design do not belong to us)
Form Studies
To create a design that meets both the Zen garden shape and the functions of DJ equipment, We made large size Zen garden kit and drew many shapes on it. We poured brown sugar into the tray, and placed two circles which mean Jog Wheels.
Then, drew several patterns with a rake printed on a 3D-printer, and placed pebbles which mean knobs and faders. 
We thought about which design meet aesthetic and usability, and we realized that shapes considered existing usability aren't aesthetic.
So we decided to design more simple shape of Zen garden.
Simple Design
Inspired by the formative language of Zen garden, Simple designs give users an intuitive look at the product, and help to access and relieve psychological burden. The various buttons applied to the body allow you to intuitively understand each function through the newly designed icons.
Detachable Knobs and Faders
Detachable knobs and faders allow you to freely configure your personal use environment or modify it according to genre or purpose.
Precise performance
With fewer buttons, there is a relatively wider space for more detailed manipulation, allowing more accurate DJ skills such as equalization, effector using and etc.
Portability & maintenance
The knobs and faders are stored separately in a dedicated case for easier management of the equipment. It's easy to carry equipment with you in a dedicated case to meet your DJs' desire to perform on their own anytime, anywhere.
Mock up
Since it is a large scale product(1080 x 400 mm), We made body part separately from the upper and lower plates.
The body of the upper plate was made by dividing into two parts, the jog wheel, knobs and faders were all printed by SLA 3D Printing.
The bottom plate is an inconspicuous part, so We made it of acrylic plates on our own.
Seoul, 2018
Hongik University Industrial Design Department
Graduation Exhibition "The 기프티드"
Re_Exhibition : YCK2019
Very Goods 2019 x Young Creative Korea 2019
'Selection of 100 young creative artists'
2019. 05. 02 - 05
YCK 2019 Booth