I created a set of CD sleeves for a series of audio books. The first 5 covers are all for one book, Horus Rising, while the rest are short stories. All of the images were created in Photoshop. I sourced the images from the internet as well as scanning them in from books. I attempted to mimick some of the elements of design from the original book covers such as the title placement. I wanted to go for a more subtle, subdued look.
This is a binder I made for the final packaging on the first 5 CDs.
Pictures of the final physical sleeves.
The final packaging of Horus Rising. The 5 CD Sleeves were wrapped in clear plastic followed by the binder.
The collection of all 10 CD sleeves.
The picture for Garro: Oath of Moment was originally a black and white drawing which I colored.
This shows the template I used for the CD sleeve.