Money Talks II
Another study on Currency design
Well, Grønland, as an indepent country within the Danish Commonwealth, has already its currency, the danish kroner. Again, money should be a beautiful piece of work, something we would appreciate handling, not only having it or keep it under our beds.
Being white, greyish and dark in its bedrock (the landscape), i think the currency for Greenland should be full of colour, vitality. It should reflect the sun, light, midnight sun. It should incorporate its people, the Inuit and its traditions. It should also reflect the actual Greenland society, its youth, its future.
While i was working on this idea, i thought of calling this piece "sunflower" cause i wanted to bring the brightness to and from the Inuit daily life...strong character...this is how the currency should be as well. Represent the character of its people. Against all odds (cold, bloody cold weather)...
Anyway. I hope you like. It may not be perfect, but...almost there.