Strava Chesti
"Plate of honor"

Strava Chesti is a culinary television show with elements of reality. The idea is to travel around Ukraine in branded foodtruck, find unique recipes for classic dishes and present them to the viewer in a new way.

Working on the opener and graphic package for the show, our team took as a basis the most recognizable places in Ukraine and recreate them from various types of local food represented in our country.

Production making of

Multipass compositing: Kiev location

Multipass compositing: Odessa location

Multipass compositing: Kamenetz - Podolsky location

Sketches and development

Final static frame set

Design Departmen Team

Chief Designer: Dmytro Litvinenko
Producer Design Dept.: Lilya Zhyrko
Idea: Nazar Biryuk
Art Director: Alexander Ryazanov
Concept: Natalia Postna, Julia Kotsuba
3D modeling and setup: Juriy Oleshko, Alexander Ryazanov, Artem Lebedev
Elements: Artem Lebedev
Logo: Natalia Postna
Compositing: Ksenia Borovenko

Thank you
Strava chesti