We live in aquatic planet mistakenly called Earth. 71% of it’s surface is covered with water and climate change is increasing that number rapidly. It should be called Nautus.

We are exploring possibility to live in the landless environment. Instead of capitulation and retreating away from the attacking waterfront we suggest to turn back to water and colonise it’s vast surface.

The idea we are testing is a culture set on water, where people live self-sustainable, consciously, socially and environmentally active. Ethos of the city is based on the regenerating sea environment. Detailed analysis of North Sea region proved Dover Strait to be one of the best locations for such offshore city as ‘filter’ on the channel. Different speculative scenarios was examined in the animations and models.

Our goal is to find out, could it be a futuristic answer to the environmental and social problems of today’s "land urbanism”?