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Bisous Macaron Manufaktur
A B O U T   T H E   P R O J E C T
Bisous Macaron Manufaktur (Bisous Artisan Macarons) is Julia Marquardt's graphic design graduation project. In creating a brand that introduces macarons to a wider German market, Bisous was designed to stand for French artisan bakery. 
C O R P O R A T E   D E S I G N
The logo: A watercolor circle captures the artisan baking and visualises a macaron shell. 7 different colors reflect the wide range of flavors. 
All flavors are illustrated in an ink & watercolor-esque style.
S T A T I O N A R Y  &  P R I N T
Business cards and stationary come with all 7 logos and vary in color and macaron illustrations. 
P A C K A G I N G 
Macarons are very delicate, they break easily when put on top of each other, that's why Bisous has them packaged standing up. The packaging also protects the macarons from light and glue (the inner package is designed especially to be folded instead of glued). The macarons are wrapped in branded wrapping paper and each box comes with a special insert illustrating which flavor is which.
The box is sealed with a perforated sticker which tears when first opened.
The brand logo is embossed.
S T O R E   C O N C E P T 
The macarons are sold online and in the macaron shop, the "bisourie".
To motivate the customer to return and repurchase, bonus cards are handed out. Each time a macaron box (5 or 10 pieces) is bought, a macaron is stamped on the étagère. 8th purchase is free.
Large orders of macarons are delivered in a Citroen DS3, branded to fit the brand. The print makes it appear that macarons are flying out of the car. The name is more easily associated with a product.
A vintage Citroen H car is used as a market stand.
M E R C H A N D I S E  &  P R O M O
Printed tote bags with different prints are sold as merchandise. Logo stickers can be used as give-aways (in addition to sealing the custom macaron boxes seen above).
O N L I N E  &  V I R A L
A website offers online shopping. The viral film is spread through social media and gives people a glimpse into the macaron kitchen.
Published in PAGE 7/13, Novum 09.13, BranD Magazine Issue 9 Age of Innocence,,
Honored at the 2013 Junior Corporate Design Preis
Bisous Macaron Manufaktur

Bisous Macaron Manufaktur

Corporate Design, Packaging, viral film and more for a fictional artisan macaron brand. Graduation project at Alsterdamm Design School. (Student Read More

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