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    Social Design Communication done for Poun Clinic and Kiruku Design Studio, Madurai.
To design Communication Material for Poun Clinic and Kiruku Design Studio, Madurai.
To design a series of posters and pamphlets for a medical camp to educate a rural audience about certain activities which is causing health hazards in Madurai.
What are the Problems?
1. Washing Hands : People in the villages do not have a practice of washin hands before or after any activity. Hence, a lot of transfer of harmful and unneccesary micro-organisms is effecting the health of the villagers.
2. Use of Toilets : The villagers don not have a habit of using toilets and thus litter in public which is leading to serious health hazards in the community.
3. Self Realization : The audience is unaware of the activities they do and the effects of the same on themselves and the society. Aim also includes imbibing the cuture of meditation for inner cleanliness and peace.
What are the Solutions?
To educate the people in the village, the importance of maintaining hygine by washing hands, using the toilet and practicing meditation for stronger bodies.
Who says it ?
A joint inititative of Poun Clinic and Kiruku Design Studio in Madurai. The organizations are trying to curb the increasing health problems in the village with alternative medicine or curative medicine. Both the organizations belive in Dhamma which are the teachings of Buddha for a better life in all aspects.
Who needs to know ?
Majorly the Women and Children of the village as they are more responsible in cultivating of habits and maintaining family health and decorum.
Objective of the campaing is to educate people about the advantages of healthy habits.
And the Response expected is that people, specially children wash hands before and after certain activities. Everybody in the village uses toilets and not litter in public. Practice of meditation for overall well being.
A2 Poster to educate the public, Why and When Washing Hands is essential .
A2 Poster to educate the public as to How to wash hands .
A2 Poster to educate the public as to Why to avoid Open Defeacation .
A2 Poster to educate How to avoid Open Defeacation.
2 Sided A5 Pamphlet giving information about the importance of practicing meditation.
2 Sided A5 Pamphlet giving informations about the importance of Washing Hands.
2 Sided A5 Pamphlet giving information about Open Defeacation.
All the Communication will be in Tamil, which is the language used by the rural community in Madurai. The idea was to use basic textbook like illustrations, colours and language so as to look informative yet attractive to all, specially kids who are the future of our nation.