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    these are samples of work, all together now.
for your perusal and express approval, please find below three portfolios containing our three main areas of expertise, that which facilitates the designing and production of experiences, for people, brands and demi-gods...

theaptARCHITECTURE shows the work that we have wrought upon our physical world. the bricks, layers of wallpaper, paint colors brought together not only by our concern for harmony but care for the ultimate inhabitants. architecture is not, we believe, the senseless executions of aesthetes' agendas but the careful examination of function, made beautiful.
theaptBRANDING encompasses work for which we were asked to create brands from scratch or revive some whose age was starting to be felt. branding is not graphic design for us but rather a language spoken through drawings, colors and lines that effectively transmit emotion.
theaptEXPERIENCE calls the above two specialties and turns them into a grand orchestra at the service of a cause for which consistency and clarity of message must be felt throughout a project, from the time it is entered to the time it is left.