"Małomiasteczkowa trasa" - Dawid Podsiadło concert tour

Official trailer of the tour:
Dawid Podsiadło is one of the most popular music artists of the young generation in Poland. His album "Małomiasteczkowy" has been very successful commercially and debuted in the first place of the nationwide sales list of OLiS, selling over 120,000 copies.

We created video content and Notch VFX camera filters for the "Małomiateczkowa" Tour that was the largest concert tour in Poland in two decades - over 45 000 tickets were sold. 

Below photos from the Krakow's Tauron Arena the biggest concert from the whole tour, 
the number of participants exceeded 15 000!

Design & Animation: Piloci Studio
Notch VFX: Piloci Studio
Client & Executive Producer: EAST EVENTZ
Multimedia: Wizja
Light: Transcolor
Set, Lighting, Multimedia designer: Paweł “Spider” Pająk (Percepto)

Piloci Studio Team:

CEO/ Art Director: Hubert Kaszycki
Production Director: Bernard Wójcik
Notch VFX Designers: Tomasz Liszkowski, Andrzej Tomaszewski
Motion Graphics Artists: Patryk Zimończyk, Amadeusz Ferduła
CG Artists: Bernard Wójcik, Eugeniusz Sinicyn, Katarzyna Drozd

"Małomiasteczkowa trasa" - Dawid Podsiadło concert tour

"Małomiasteczkowa trasa" - Dawid Podsiadło concert tour

Concert tour of Dawid Podsiadło.


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