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    Quick Logo design for an organization manufacturing Water Sports Gear.
Outdoor  |  Adventure  |  Gear
This Logo design project was done as a part of my Internship with FLIP DESIGN PVT. LTD. in Bangalore in the month of August, 2012. I was supposed to design a logo for an organization named OUTDECK, which produces and sells adventure and outdoor sports goods. The organization mainly deals with Water Sports
like Kayaking.
These are a few form explorations for the logo based on keywords like, Bold, Water, Adventure, Speed, Movement, Gear, Waves etc. Initial explorations were done on paper and taken to black and white forms on the computer using Adobe Illustrator CS6.
The same forms were then tried with various colours which depict the same look and feel. Hence, colours with high contrast was the catch. Plus adding the Water like element was essential.
After sending the first level of explorations to the Client, we had 6 options left to explore more with.
Option 2.
Option 3.
Option 4.
Option 5.
Option 6.
Option 4 was shortlisted by the client. Now I had to refine the form and then work on the logotype simultaneously.
Few explorations with the logotype.
Minor refinements to the form.
Final Logo. The logo designed looks stable, yet dynamic. It shwcases how exactly the gear manufactured by Outdeck is, strong, stable, bold, yet speedy and safe.
Final Logo and Logotype.
Various collaterals are being developed for the same.