Find Your Angle
A Catalog For In-coming Carthage Students
In-coming Carthage students often consider focusing their education in one of three majors offered by the Department of Communications & Digital Media (CDM) with a desire to be at the forefront of communication in business, but without an accurate understanding of how one major differs from another. This is especially true of the Communications and Public Relations majors. Because of this, the difficult decision these students are faced with of picking a major becomes even more difficult. Even worse, some students may find that the major they chose was not what they had initially percieved it to be, costing them a great deal of time and money to switch.
In order to add clarity to the department, each major is broken down into the most primary channel of communication on which the major is focused. Each channel is repositioned as an "angle" of business communication, as demonstrated below:
The Visual Angle - Graphic Design Major
The Social Angle - Communications Major
The Strategic Angle - Public Relations Major
Incoming students are sent a course cataloge which uses these angles as a way to introduce the surface of each program more accurately. As a result, the campaign encourages these students to pursue one or more the majors they find most desirable.
Although the scope of the project only requires a course catalogue for the CDM department, the concept is designed to operate throughout the entire spectrum of Carthage programs in a consistent campus-wide campaign.
Find Your Angle