Gallery vol. 21

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  • Size: 215x280mm
    Format: paperbound
    Pages: 224p
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1-611 7506-1-4 / 1-611 7506-1-x
    ISSN: 2074-496X
    Category: Graphic
    Publication Date: April, 2013
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    The stereotype of museums have left from the early times is unrelenting, never ever change and standoff-don’t-touch-me. While, with the booming of exhibitions, museums no longer indulge themselves in glasses any more. Many of them are looking for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and more interactions with visitors. 
    In this issue, we explores several museums who embrace the design world and elevate themselves in architect, identity, way-finding and interior as a whole with graphic elements. Do not miss the interactive exhibitions planned by the Department of Advertising and Graphic Design, MoMA; the typography and identity, which got inspirations from the angularities of the architecture, Foreign Policy Design Group has done for Sifang Art Museum; high-impact graphic decoration Italian Italo Lupi studio has created for Museum of the history of Bologna. 
    The cover of the issue comes from the German agency Strichpunkt Design with detailed colour inductions on a piece of moss in Allgau region.
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