Big is Small adventure started 420 days, 38 mins and 27 seconds ago, and it’s not about to end ; we’re still exploring our style and our vision of graphic design and visual arts trough elaborated projects for our clients but also trough personal work expressing a bigger part of our inspirations and personalities.
Always in constant movement, we wanted our identity to evolve so it could be more in line with what we are today : a multidisciplinary graphic design studio in perpetual evolution.

In our new identity, the B stretches and refines itself, playing with the limits of different formats. It expands its reach ; it’s a way to express our adaptability through any project and our way to corner them so we can bring to light artworks painted with the unique style of the studio. Between print tradition and support digitalization, Big is Small is presenting to you its brand new identity.

REBRAND • BIS Studio Graphique Identity