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    Coloring works on Star Wars for Lucasfilm. Branding and Marketing assests for this property.
Star Wars - Color Works
Case Studies - Branding
Now this took some serious TEAM work. From the line work, inking and coloring we knew these pieces had to be top notch and of high quality. After all it's Star Wars we're talking about! ;) .
Episode 3 - Taking this line art and rendering the hell out of it using Photoshop. Had I used Painter, the results probably would have been better I think. Needless to say, my most realistic rendering of Darth Vader at that time.
General Grievous - I've only seen this finished illustration used on the main Star Wars - Hyperspace homepage. This character's design at time was still being finalized and only the closeup profile shot of this was used at first. Our team were one of the lucky people who watched this character in motion before the movie was released in theatres.