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Whole Foods Market - North Atlantic Region - Team Member appreciation T-Shirt design proposal 2009

The trees are the most outstanding natural element we find in urban environments. The shape of their branches creates a subtle city buildings landscape.  Those two worlds go along together in the same way Whole Foods brings natural food to city dwellers.
The stars on the trees represent team members that begin their careers being “small” stars, working all their way up to the full grown leaves and then floating away to populate the sky, this idea is based in the Rising Star recognition that outstanding team members receive.

The design is generic enough to be applied to different elements other than t-shirts.  On a t-shirt the trees can be printed all around the hemline. The trees can also be manipulated as modules, making the design easily adaptable.
The Big Hammock - Studio Luz Architects, Boston - 2010
Image designed for this public art instalation project. The background is the skyline of Boston with the John Hancock and the Prudential buildings higlighted. Since the hammock in the project was woven by hand I did a simple free hand sketch of a woven hammock hanging from the letters on the tittle.
A simple design with expensive printed jewelry around the neckline.
Diamonds - Detail
Type Shirts
I did a small run of screen printed T-Shirts with bold and simple text images to represent also bold concepts related to gender and sexuality. The designs are meant to be taken not so seriously and attract second looks from passers by.
The letters of these four words are organized in a square grid and are easy to read, altough it seems like other words could be made by threading the letters in different directions across the grid like a word puzzle.
Female Power - Back detail