For this App, identifying who are the customers and potential customers is key.
That's why we create a profile of those customers. This profiles are called "Personas".
Creating 2 frecuent users and 2 potencial users helped to identify which information is more important or relevant and what do the user need to know at first.
Now that we know how are the users, we continue to organize the information. 
This organization includes information about the services of OHL, buttons and the level of importance (if it needs to go in the menu or in an specific section. 
For example, Privacy Policy is important because of laws but is not essencial for final user. 
     Use the iPhone camera to scan TAG's barcode in order to get the balance you have.
     You need to log in in order to change data, increase your balance with a credit/debit card and more features.
Adventure Time characters used only for illustation purposes.
Thanks to Julian Burford for the 'Swipe' icon*
Logo & name belong to OHL.