Expo Village Milano 2015
This projest is about the identity of new Expo Village 2015 in Cascina Merlata, Milano.
Our purpose is to convey the concept of energy: energy “for life”, as expressed in the Expo theme.
Eco-friendly, clean, and renewable energy that we want to communicate through simple, dynamic, and circular graphics capable of suggesting the concept of recycling.
Our basic element is a toy windmill, a reminder of the wind energy: together with the flower,
the toy windmill represents environmental sustainability.
The resulting five-petal shape tells a story about the different kinds of sustainable energy
(solar, wind, hydraulic, geo-thermal, biomass). The green and blue colors are linked to nature, while orange represents energy itself. The large-to-small petal development and the see-through effects highlight the circular motion of the shape. 
We used stickers with notices and pictograms, positive for the interiors,
and negative on aluminum signs for the exteriors. This choice makes it possible to create both positive and negatives in one printing, and to build a link with the totem, which is also based on the interplay of solids and voids. 
We looked for a material which could convey a sense of lightness, but also with a compactness which allowed to position the totem at the center of the Expo Village with information on all sides. We have therefore chosen transparent concrete, a material capable of interacting with
light, suggesting a sense of lightness and ensuring a suggestive scenery of lights and shadows.
At daytime, sunlight filters through the concrete; at night, artificial lights inside the totem light up the structure, and especially the unprinted areas (information and decorations). The structure can be disassembled and its parts can be reused in new creations. This increases the duration of the material in time, with significant financial saving.
An app including 5 main functions:
- an address book with private chat line to contact one’s friends in the village;
- a public board to keep contact with all app owners in the village;
- a map to find both services and public transport stops (the timetables will appear by clicking on them), and also where  friends are in the village (if they have personally activated this service);
- an event calendar allowing to comment on the events and to watch past events;
- a personal section on energy, called “My Energy”, collecting the scores of all eco-races organized in the gym to transform kinetic energy in electricity, and with diagrams of the energy consumption of each building, organized in charts;
The App will have a corresponding website to include people who will not be able
to access the app for various reasons. 
Expo Village Milano 2015

Expo Village Milano 2015

This project is about the identity of new Expo Village 2015 in Cascina Merlata, Milano. Our purpose is to convey the concept of energy: energy “f Read More


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