This is titled "soft abstruction" and I made it in 2007. It is one of my most "modernistic" works in terms of style. It is made of fabrics and cotton stuffing. I have used wire to form the holes and pebles to help it balance in this position. It is a reference to Juan Miro and Barbara Hepworth. I presented it at the Final Show of the graduits of the dpt. of Fine and Applied Arts of the school of Fine Arts of A.U.Th., Greee and then at my first solo show titled "Velvet and Cream", at Aggelon Vima in Athens in 2007, and last year at PopUp 123 and at Psi Project. At the moment it belongs to my personal collection. I have icluded photos where I have cleaned the background for the form and the tactile qualitites to be better perceived and some within a living environment for a better perception of scale. 
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