Created by yours truly, join Muck and Rag in their first Halloween special. So turn the music down, turn off that TV, open your browsers and settle in with your Halloween costume and join Muck and Rag on their next adventure!  Resposible for everything except background art, sound, music, and the character Hoju created by Edgar Castro.
Another episode of Muck & Rag, two wacky hamsters I had created with the love of everything that's not good for them, now brought to life. I am responsible for everything except sound, which was done by Austin Fisher.
Rag attempts to bungee jump but forgets a major detail.  Responsible for all characters, story, animation and art.
Copyright 2011 Animation Seve
My first 3d animated short. It was my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. I am responsible for all animation, modeling, rigging, and voice. Had help with modeling of the character by Doug Nelson. Music is third party.