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Vi sätter upp produktionslinjer och arbetar med våra kunder för att säkerställa bästa resultat för våra beläggningar. Vi är intresserade av att se till att våra kunder uppnår perfekta resultat, så kostnaden för våra beläggningar är alltid lägre än deras pris.

Primatek-pulver beläggningar används framgångsrikt på de största företagens automatiska målningslinjer.


Primatek install manufacturing lines and cooperate with our clients to provide the best result of our coatings’ appliance.
Care about the clients of Primatek Coatings to achieve a final flawless result, that’s why the value of our coatings
is always higher than their price.

|  powder coatings used on painting lines of the largest enterprises | 
Experience, wide product line, know-how in application technology combined with strict guidelines and  regulations
give us the confidence to be a reliable partner offering full package solutions to the European 

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|  metallics  | 
Powder coating with ideal metallic effect, which is achieved by technology bonding. 
BONDALUX™ is a metallic powder coating produced by Primatek with the bonding method.

|  special effects  | 
Powder coatings with ability to create spectacular special effects ("leather", "silk", "chameleon", "chrome",
"antique", "anodization") and more vibrant finish that lasts longer than traditional wet paint.

|  modx cms  | 
The structure could provide for the possibility of its development through the development and inclusion of new sections
in the site and changes in the structure of sections.

Multilingualism. Languages: Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, English.


Full HD    1920 x 1080 px
Laptop    1280 x 802 px
Tablet      768 x 1024 px
Mobile     320 x 480 px

Primatek is an environmentally conscious company.
We completely removed lead chromates from all our products.

We do not use light stabilizers and UV absorbers that could
potentially contaminate the environment with cyclic compounds.  
Our environment-friendly products are solvent free.


|  training center  |
Primatek Training Center was founded especially to deliver the best customer  experience through promoting
the world's cutting edge coating technologies  on the European market.

|  training center  |
Provides training for a number of programs, both  for its employees and for its partners
to make it possible to acquire professional  expertise in the field of powder coatings at the expert level.

|  values  |

Customer Success

|  adding value  | 
Primatek Coatings takes into account the efficiency of its customer's businesses.
We help to select the best solution according to the customer’s needs.
The value created with our coatings is always greater than the price.

|  price policy  | 
We readily offer flexible individual conditions to our customers.​​​​​​​

|  marketing policy  | 
We are ready to offer any required amount either large or small.

We do care and are fully responsible for a perfect result.

|  quality  | 
We guarantee permanence of colors and granulometric compositions both inside one shipment
and in long-term consignments.

|  cooperation  |
Primatek Coatings is a reliable partner providing complex technical solutions in the field of paint and varnish coatings.
We meet the requirements of our customers and offer a wide range of Primecoat™ powder paints.

|  thank you for watching  |

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UX / UI production

UX / UI production

Multilingualism. Languages: Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, English. Modern manufactory producing powder coatings of high-grade quality. The experie Read More