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    20. İzmir avrupa caz festivali afişi
Göze Ekim, born in 1991 in İzmir, won İzmir Culture, Art and Education Foundation (İKSEV) 's eleventh Jazz Poster Contest which holds an important place in educational activities. Göze Ekim, final year student of DEÜ FAF graphic design department, became the owner of the poster of 20th İzmir European Jazz Festival which is one of the most important event in their field. 20th İzmir European Jazz Festival poster in her words; ' For me, one of the funniest symbols of İzmir is it's elephant. I preffered to use it in my design because of it's integration with the city after Bahadır and İzmir. The noise coming from their trunk reminds me of a trumpet and that's the reason why the metaphor of elephant and trumpet became the ideal binary.