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Women’s Power / exhibition
Exhibition & Signage
Women’s Power / exhibition
November 12-15, 2018
European Parliament, Strasbourg, Gallery Emilio Colombo

The exhibition “Women’s Power” is a tribute to the Polish women whose manifold actions brought about great social and political changes in their country. The project occurs at a historic moment for Poland: the same year in which it celebrates the twin centenaries of regaining independence and the granting of women’s suffrage. 
The exhibition is built around portraits symbolising certain social trends, initiatives, or changes.
After 123 years of Poland’s absence from the map of Europe (when it was divided amongst three partitioning powers – Prussia, Austria, and Russia), Poland reclaimed its borders and revived its identity. Poland regained independence, while Polish women gained voter status. Thus, the reborn country found itself in a still rather small group of countries that had just granted women the right to participate in elections.
The exhibition's identification refers to the metropolis, which became the background for the silhouettes of these brave Polish women. The first such a colorful exhibition in the European Parliament.

designers (cooperation): Kama Schinwelska (Elipsy), Marcel Benčík (dr.bencik),
or :) Marcel Benčík (dr.bencik), Kama Schinwelska (Elipsy) 

Organiser:Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw
Idea of the exhibition: Prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski
Scenario: Anna Rudek-Śmiechowska Phd

26 multi-format boards / electrostatic printings
Gallery Emilio Colombo is a place reminiscent of a busy street of a big city, mixed with different nationalities, a meeting place. The aim of the exhibition was to draw attention through an unusual graphic form for this place and the choice of colors. We arranged the exhibition on 26 boards.

Promotional prints
The exhibition was accompanied by promotional prints: a poster, an invitation, a brochure with extended historical information about Polish precursors of changes in Poland.

Brochure spreads / single pages 
The colors of the page background change with the division of text into a brochure.

Women’s Power / exhibition