36 Days of Type in Adobe Dimension
36 Days of Type by me

What a great project so far! I decided to participate in the 36 Days of Type challenge to actually challenge myself to render something every day in the upcoming month. (Not like I'm not doing it anyway but it gives a great structure and it's fun!) This is going to be definitely eclectic.

The “36” days correspond with the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet (A–Z), plus ten single-digit numerals (0–9). Anyone can design their own letterforms at their own pace following the calendar days.

"Starting on April 2, Adobe is proud to partner with 36 Days of Type to celebrate the art of type and lettering design around the world. For the next 36 days, any designer, illustrator, artist, or hobbyist can put their own creative take on a letterform and share it with the world. On May 8, a panel of six international judges around the world will pick the most unique, creative, or innovative letterform sets."

Read the blog post here.
Free letter models from Adobe Stock here.

I will continue to post the new letters every day here.

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A is for a deconstructed type
B is for ice cream and happiness
C is for splashes that are the funniest models in DN
D is for absolutely whatever, this case my fav Nasa models from Adobe Stock
E is for random objects on my table
F is for the French Monkey because I love his model packs
G is for organic shapes created in Photoshop
H is for the new update of Adobe Dimension which is so good!
I is for mysterious people doing things in the dark
J is for a thirsty beetle
K is for traditional Hungarian motifs from Kalocsa
L is for whatever you want to do at home alone. ;D Even hanging pictures on the wall naked.
M is for Marble
N is for negative space
O is because you can't be always that creative...
P is for Paceship. :D Ok seriously P is for Substance materials because they are awesome. <3
Q is for a bit of romance
R is for digital sculptures
S is just because.
T is for some optical illusion
U is for reflections on a lake
V is for Umberto Boccioni <3
W is for weird experiments
X is for a secret door
Y is for museum experience
Z fell on my birthday. :)
Zero is for a romantic digestive tract, because why not.
1 is for acrilic paint on canvas.
2 is for slicing because it's so popular nowadays. :)
3 is in an enchanted forest
4 for texture freebies
5 is simple because this challenge is overwhelming sometimes. 
6 is for metal wires that hold this sculpture together.
8 is for cilinders and circles
9 is kinda retro. 
36 Days of Type in Adobe Dimension

36 Days of Type in Adobe Dimension

36 Days of Type project


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