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Protective Watch
Hundreds of people die in avalanche every year. When people are buried under the snow, they only have 11 to 15 minutes before they lose their chance of survival, yet they could not move or talk under the thick layer of snow, suffering from suffocation and coldness, and can even do anything to inform the others about where they are.

This watch is designed particularly for snow mountain climbers. It shows time, detects the heart rate and body temperature of the user, and has a GPS installed inside that can track the user’s location in case of accident.
When the watch detects any unusual body temperature or heart rate, it will activate the emergency mode, alerting the user of the unusual conditions. If the user does not turn off the alert in 10 seconds by pressing the lower button on the watch, it will automatically send out a signal to the nearest rescue station. The alert will also go off if the GPS senses any great drop of height or any intense strike.
The user can manually set off the alert by pressing on the top button for five seconds and confirm it by pressing on the lower button. The user can also cancel the alert by pressing on the top button again.
The user can change the watch belt according to preference.
Protective Watch