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    Can one make peace with the greatest enemy hiding within one's own mind and feeling? Sometimes, friends used to tease and greet me with "hey, don… Read More
    Can one make peace with the greatest enemy hiding within one's own mind and feeling? Sometimes, friends used to tease and greet me with "hey, don't have to be a hero la" or just "want to be a hero haa?" In a politically saturated discourse of identity, ethnicity, culture and heritage, the word hero is discoursed through many forms of signifying process across various dimensions. A hero for one can be taken as an enemy for another. A heroic act for one can be read as a threat to another. In a world cluttered by semiotic contestation, even what is customarily taken as an attire and instrument of a heroic act can be read as a sign of parochialism, ethnocentricism and social threat. Who is the real hero or heroin? How do we define him or her? Who has the power to control the discourse and meaning of a hero or heroin? Can a hero or heroin be taken as a warrior? What makes a hero a warrior? Can their contributions be taken as our cultural legacies and heritage? Whose legacies and heritage are we championing? What kind of legacies and heritage that we want to preserve? Most importantly, who has the power to decide? There are countless interpretarions of what constitute the cultural legacies and heritage of a hero, heroin and heroic act. I used to be told that the greatest warrior is the one who can make peace with the reflections of one self through unconditional love. The greatest warrior is the one who manages to defeat his or her own lust, weaknesses or evil that lies within one's own mind and feeling. As I passed through many abandoned walls, front facades and textured surfaces in George Town for the past nine years, some of which almost everyday, they began to perform as the inter-textual canvas of these many notions of a hero or even warrior. They began to become the silent witness of my mental probing and emotional journey. On them (or in them), I virtually etched, embeded and enthombed fragments of my mental reflections, my fluctuating sentiments, lingering memories and longing. Notwithstanding the overarching UNESCO master narrative and the popular discourse on history and heritage in Penang, these walls have performed as a repository of my own 'memory, history and heritage'. Several walls in George Town have been rejuvenated and incorporated into the cultural economy of heritage tourism, made popular through a combination of street art, merchandizing , corporate sponsorship, state support and viral media. Some other walls may be 'restored, preserved and conserved' under the increasing heritage and cultural awareness. Few will be 'deconstructed', re-branded to be the facades for hip commercial premises. The walls have become a site of ideological contestation, power dynamics and cultural representation (or mis-representation and under-representation). All are wonderful reminders of how richly layered and textured life is, how fragile, impermanent and transient events, feelings and ideas are, including those taken as heroic act, hero, heroin and warrior. My new series performs as a form of virtual walls, extending the discourse on our cultural legacies and heritage of heroes and warriors into the digital and online domain. In this domain, such discourse is openly contested and always in the state of 'becoming', if not 'permanent deconstruction'. They are also reminders of how easy one can be veiled by own's own interpretation of a hero or warrior, as well as our memory, history and heritage. Such veils may deny one from seeing and discovering the true warrior within. Read Less
Arched heroes, 2013.
Reminiscing Hero & Heroin, 2013
Fading Hero & Heroin, 2013
Fading Hero and Heroin 2, 2013
Reminiscing taranum hero, 2013.
Taranum heroes, 2013. 
Reminiscing taranum hero 2, 2013.
Friends of hero, 2013.
Real Estate Heroes & Heroins, 2013
Street heroes reminiscing past teaching heroes/heroins, 2013.
Reminiscing blue and yellow heroes/heroins, 2013.
Reminiscing rooted yet flexible teaching heroes/heroins, 2013.
Reminiscing teaching hero, 2013.
Welcoming Heroes, 2013
Fading Brotherly Heroes, 2013
Used-to-be a kapcai hero, 2013. 
Used-to-be Kapcai Hero 2, 2013.
Broken hero, 2013. 
Gradually-silenced hero, 2013. 
Reflective Hero, 2013
Uprooted Hero & Heroin, 2013