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    A collection of science and technology assignment work
A recent piece for the New Jersey Institute of Technology's magazine. I worked with designer Claude Skelton on this cover assignment. Data management can be tricky - the objective is to unify information from various disciplines (environment, bioscience and technology) smoothly and efficiently.
I received a call from Manny Velez at the Wall Street Journal for a feature called 'Anatomy of a Song'. After throwing around a few concepts we agreed using my mechanical collage would be a good way to convey the idea.
I grew up in Leamington, Ontario. My old hometown is now surrounded by greenhouses. My grandfather and uncles owned greenhouses. I remember them as fragile glass structures heated by massive coal or gas-fired boilers. Modern operations cover acres of high-tech hydroponics and utilize waste co2 to feed the crops inside. Farmers are seeking out alternative green energy sources like biomass, wood pellets and methane.

So there is more 'green' in greenhouses than meets the eye.

I found this assignment from On Earth very satisfying and intriguing. It's about greenhouses built in hot, arid environments that draw salt water from the oceans, use the water to cool and control the temperatures inside the greenhouses, and produce fresh water for the operation. High tech, green and innovative.
I haven't worked in my CMY-X style for a while. I enjoy working with Gail Ghezzi on these assignments. Here are a few sketches from the assignment.
The age of the gentleman scientist has passed, but there are like-minded individuals toiling away in relative obscurity, observing the world around them, taking notes and filling sketchbooks. I spent my formative years collecting insects and keeping a journal of sketches of the creatures I saw in the wooded ravine behind my house. That experience, and the observational skills it involved, laid the groundwork for a budding young illustrator. You have to have a boundless curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.
I had the chance to illustrate a cover for University of California, Berkeley's College of Engineering magazine Forefront.
When I went to University, my two favourite courses were Biology and Art History. At the time, I would have happily chose a career in either field. Art won out. I still love doing these assignments, being an illustrator exposes me to so many different ideas, concepts and theories.
The article for Stanford discusses artificial intelligence. It is an interesting look at using technology to diffuse complex and dangerous strategies and conflicts. Alissar nailed this layout contrasting a photograph of the scientist featured in the article with the illustration I created. They do look alike!
I followed up the cover illustration with inside spots based on the three main factors upon which human intelligence is based: learning, knowledge, and reasoning. Developing artificial intelligence requires an incorporation of all of these elements.