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    2013 school project pedagogue: Ing. arch. Zuzana Čerešňová, PhD.
Soundtrack Wall was my submission for the competition "Kollárovo námestie v nadväznosti na budúce kultúrne centrum Hurbanove kasárne". The subject was Kollárovo square in Bratislava, Slovakia, which is about to be transformed due to the new cultural center at the bottom of the square.
Soundtrack wall not only integrates functions of bus stop, shelter for various activities and sound wall, but brings a new quality to this public space.
The filter in the wall transformes sorrounding noises, wind etc. into a site-specific "soundtrack".
Situation given - cultural center Hurbanove kasárne is in the corner.
Red lines: probable traffic changes. Yellow line: the wall.
Information wall and the bus stop.
Thanks for watching.