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Landing Page Testing for DTC Mattress Brand Nectar

Landing Page Split Test for DTC Mattress Brand Nectar
The brand:
At the fast-growing DTC mattress brand Nectar (now part of Resident), I was responsible for driving revenue growth through performance content marketing. 

The hypothesis:
Based on successful initiatives with influencers and affiliates, I developed a hypothesis that we could reduce CAC by combining 2 things — 

1. paid content funnels
2. ads from non-brand handles

I ran the same funnel with the same creative and same landing page, isolating the variables as much as possible.

It was Nectar vs. Sleep Authority, testing which brand – ours or an unknown but authoritative sounding one – would convert better.

You see, the non-brand handle we chose was SleepAuthority.com -- a very convincing domain for a mattress brand to own!

I led the strategy and execution of this campaign, including overseeing design and development of the landing pages, creatives, copywriting and ad campaign structure: 

The work:
The campaign was “9 Reasons Why Nectar May Be Your Best and Last Mattress”
I assigned and edited the copy
I secured a new IG handle
Led the launch of the ads
Measured the results
Shared the results
Got buy-in
Expanded my program

Both campaigns beat our internal benchmarks, but the Sleep Authority campaign really knocked it out of the park — we acquired customers at around half the CPA of our internal average ($60 vs. $120 CPA on an ~$800 AOV).

The takeaway:
By testing which brand would convert better, our mattress brand or an unknown but authoritative-sounding "brand", I learned the true power of third-party social proof. A brand spun up overnight was more convincing than the brand itself.

The results:
I was able to drive $15 million from $5 million in ad spend, a 3x return on ad spend over the course of a year, earning the media budget as we proved out wins.
We tested the same landing page on nectarsleep.com and our content hub sleepauthority.com. Customer acquisition costs were nearly 50% lower when sending traffic to the Sleep Authority page, especially when utilizing the Sleep Authority Facebook handle. To avoid duplicate content, I wrote the content for the Sleep Authority page while we had another writer tackle the Nectar page.

Landing Page Testing for DTC Mattress Brand Nectar


Landing Page Testing for DTC Mattress Brand Nectar


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