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Social project "My freedom, your freedom"


With this social project I wanted to raise a very important problem - public opinion and its influence on the personality.

How many personalities do you think were mercilessly killed by public opinion? Human, as a social being, seeks approval from most of his actions, but as you know, it does not tolerate individuality and strongly condemns people who choose to stand out from the generally accepted rules of society. 
The inscription on the poster: you are not special, you are mediocre, you have no talent, do something else, you can not, it's difficult for you. 
The main inscription: My freedom, your freedom. 
Slogan: take off the opinion of society. Show yourself!
If social foundations had not been undermined, mankind would never have known about Steve Jobs, Salvador Dali, Tarantino and many other prominent personalities. 
But unfortunately, the opinion of others about our lives is usually valued, prohibitively high, and is accepted as the ultimate truth. So, only having freed one from the capricious opinions of society, one can become a truly free person and thereby change the world.

Everything is very simple. Face is a personality, and stickers are public opinion, which closes a person’s identity.

Oooh, my congratulations! You are one of the few who have come to this point;) In gratitude, especially for you, I will show how the process of creating this project went :)
Thanks for watching!
Social project "My freedom, your freedom"


Social project "My freedom, your freedom"

This is a social project aimed at combating public opinion and calls for the development of own personality