The Art of the Sketchbook

The Art of the Sketchbook
For every piece of art brought into the public eye, there are thousands of doodles, sketches, and studies hiding in the sketchbooks of painters, illustrators, and cartoonists. It is a rare treat to see an artist’s playful and uninhibited experiments. The Art of the Sketchbook cracks open the covers of thirty private sketchbooks and reveals the personal work of artists in their more private moments. Travel diaries, life studies, and wildly imaginative cartoons fill these pages, rendered with materials as varied as their subjects. Double-page presentations show the sketchbooks in their 
raw form, and interviews with the artists provide both context for the images as well as glimpses into the role sketching  plays in the artists’ larger bodies of work. The result for the reader is an intimate, behind-the-scenes engagement  with process and creation.
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Size: 210 mm × 260 mm, 240 pages
Hardcover, English
ISBN: 978-988-79474-0-0 (Sandu)
ISBN: 978-1-58423-703-7 (Gingko)  Click the ISBN to purchase

Publisher:  Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd. 
Chief Editor:  Wang Shaoqiang 
Executive Editor:  Jessie Tan
Copy Editor:  Jason Buchholz 
Design Director:  Wang Shaoqiang 
Designers:  Huang Zhiyi, Huo Dingding
Cover Design:  Huo Dingding, Huang Zhiyi
Front cover illustrations by Cristian Robles, Denis Pakowacz, 
Erwin Indrawan, Ilya Ostashev, Lucas Reis, Susannah Garden, and Wang Xuetong

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The Art of the Sketchbook
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