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    A logo idea for redesigning Toronto's TTC public transit system.
Typography design by Ivan Filipov
Our public transit system in Toronto is constantly detested by many of its riders. There is no friendly atmosphere to the TTC, and it's associated with being slow, getting nowhere, breaking down, and being too overpriced. It's not simply a matter of changing branding, but changing how people see the TTC is something that has to happen if we want to move ahead as a city.
Our TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) logo has been the same for decades, and it has no fun or friendly design to it. See below:
It will take a huge effort to imrove the TTC, and I'm not saying my logo is a possibility for it. This is just a fun idea that I wish could be real. I added white circles to symbolize the transit stops, and the colours correspond to our four train lines.