Seasonal tumbler design for Starbucks Local Dot U.S. states collection.
Coffee bag packaging for Blonde Espresso Roast launch using existing art and Espresso Roast architecture.
Concept exploration for testing and final design for Almondmilk Frappuccino launch.
Design and application of Almondmilk platform for other products including Chilled Espresso beverage line.
Concept for Cold Brew Coffee package refresh.
Package refresh for all VIA packaging in China and Japan markets including core coffees, lattes and flavored coffee products.
Design for new Matcha Tea product to be offered with Flavored Coffee line.
Matcha Tea Latte chill cup refresh.
Design for new Holiday Cookie Mocha Frappuccino flavor in China. 
Frappuccino Holiday Packs for China.


A variety of projects for Starbucks while supporting the packaging team. Worked on a wide range of brands across U.S. and global markets includin Read More