In collaboration with André Guerreiro and Cristina Fernandes.
Grestel approached us to develop an entirely new product that was to be comercialized on the north american market.
The product itself is a reaction against the mass production and plastic usage on kitchenware, especially in fast food or take away meals. As we take more comfort in eating on ceramic plates, whether the food's more savory or it feels more cosy to do so, it only seems natural to bring that comfort outside of the ceramics' comfort zone: into the streets.

Exploring the company's own resources with heat resistant stoneware and linking it with the thermal and protective properties of cork, the finished product turned out to be a modular lunchbox. With different stoneware modules and three cork rings, the user can adjust its usage as he may like, whether it's for a picnic outside or a simple snack.
Promotional video.