Waitingroom - Children's Clinic, Växjö hospital, Sweden
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    Interior design and illustrations in a hospital in south of Sweden, 2013.
The waitingroom at the Children's Clinic, Växjö hospital, looked like a space for storing toys. It was cluttered with toys, it was chaotic and it felt like it was forgotten, without any connection between function, colors and decoration.
In hospitals (particular) it is important that room layouts indicates immediately what it is for. With the new layout the sofa is in the opposit corner of the entrence, you see it right away. The oversized lamp in the middle of the room is something children gets curious and talks about, it works as a hallmark if you get lost in the clinics corridors.
A waitingroom in a Children's clinic should invite both tired and active children to play or sit down and maybe read, draw or just watch things in the room and let the mind travel. In other words, there should be something to do for everyone. Therefore a frame with different characters is surrounding the activity board (the orange catapillar). The interior design and the frame is inspired by circles, this is because of alot of the reused (and repainted) furnitures and lights are round shaped. To avoid a chaotic feeling when there is people (and toys) in the room, a clean graphic design is pursued. Simple edges, right amount of details, colors that keep the new interior together with the old floor, yet playful and fun.
Presentation Collages                                                  

                                                                                      Design: Hanna Liljenberg. March, 2013.