Travel App for Employees
Travel App for Sun Technologies Employees - 

"SunCabbie" -  Mobile Application to book cab for Sun Technologies Employees.  
In order to make travel arrangements safer and easier, company decided to launch internal application for its employees. 

Business Goals - 
1. Assist people to book the cab themselves.
2. Women Safety by tracking the cab.
2. Reduce the manual effort the staff.
3. Maintaining Cabs and Drivers details/data at one place.
4. To make Billing easier
5. Weekly Travel Reports Generation for employees and Drivers (according to this company can charge from the customers).
6. Finally improve the productivity of the employees. 
Step 1 > Marry (Employee) book the cab and wait for the manager's approval. 
Step 2 > Request goes to the Reporting Manager. 
Step 3 > Manager approves - Marry gets the notification and notification goes to the Transport Department as well. 
Step 4 > Manager Rejects - notification goes to only Marry. 
Step 5 > Transport team checks the manager's approval.
Step 6 > Marry waits for the Cab and Driver Details assigned to her.
Step 7 > Transport team checks the cab's availability and assign the cab.
Step 8 > Transport team shares the Driver and Cab details with Marry. 
Step 9 > Marry board the cab.
Step 10 > Tracking is on for the Transport Department and they get notification when Marry reached at her destination. 

Storyboard Representation.....
Task flow Analysis
Employee Role : 
1. Sign up and create account
2. Book the cab.
3. Wait for the manager's approval
4. Wait for the driver's and cab details
5. Board the cab.

Manager Role : 
1. Login
2. check the notification on the top
3. Approves the request - Notification send to Employee and Transport Team. 
5. Rejects the request - Notification send to Employee only.

Transport team Role:
1. Login
2. Check the notification
3. Check the manager's approval.
4. Check the availability of cabs and drivers.
5. Assign the cab to the employee.
6. Notify employee and share the Cab / Driver's details.
7. Track the employee's boarding and the destination drop. 
8. Get notification when cab is available for the next ride.
Travel App for Employees

Travel App for Employees