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    Collection of my 3D work that I have worked on over the past 7 years both personal and commercial.
Ballerina female anatomy studie.
This is a personal piece I really enjoyed working. I used alot of photographic reference to understand the anatomy and details of a chimp to create it realistically. I used zbrush for the sculpting and polypaint, photoshop for adapting the texture maps and maya the lighting/shading. to create the fur I use Zbrush fibre mesh to get the correct layout and then exported it as geometry to zbrush and converted the fibres to curves using a script, I then used the curves as the basis for maya hair system. Please see my showreel for a 360 of my chimp https://vimeo.com/53932097
For this project I created the snakes rigg using various spline IK's and curve paths to guide the snake and to control the tongue, I also made the rigg so it was able to come away from the curve path. Apart from rigging I also did some texture work.
Client: The Operators             Responsibility: Modelling, Texturing
I did this anatomy sculpt for Scott Eatons digital figure sculpture course. 
Client: Dolmio (Test Piece)            Responsibility: Modelling, Texturing, Hair,  Lighting/Rendering, Retouching                Agency: Imaginar
I named this fellow Gordro. This image started out as a sketch which I decided to then create in 3D, I also created a low poly version of him as I see him as more of a games character.
Client: F24            Responsibility: Modelling, Texturing, Lighting/Rendering, Retouching                     Agency: Imaginar
Client: Nokia             Responsibility: Modelling, Texturing
Client: Lexus             Responsibility: Modelling, Texturing                         Agency: Saddington & Baynes
This was for a book that has recently been released. I enjoyed working on this book cover and trying to achieve that molten metal feel on the key.
This sculpt is of a Speedling from one of my favrourite games Starcraft 2. I used zbrush for the modelling and retopologizing and Maya/Arnold for rendering