BigBi Sucos & Sandubas

Juice houses are a big deal in Rio de Janeiro. Cariocas and gringos alike enjoy fresh squeezed tropical juices, açaí bowls and quick bites like nowhere on the planet. There is a profusion of them along the streets of Rio’s neighborhoods such as Copacabana, Leblon and Ipanema. Rest assured competition on this field is fierce!

BigBi is perhaps one of the first of them, created by a man who came from the northeast of Brazil carrying a bunch of bananas and a gallon of water to try life in the big city. He found work at Copa Lima, a small juice store in the corner of a well known Copacabana street. Slowly but surely he climbed the ranks on the store and gathered enough money to own it, then naming it BigBi. The small store turned into a company with multiple locations in Rio.

With the next generation entering the business and taking on the legacy, BigBi needed to look fresher than ever.

After gearing it strategically and importantly as BigBi original, we delved into the multitude of references and visual opportunities in lettering, illustration and design. The resulting identity is above all fun, with the products as stars, fresh lettering and important references to characters that made this place Big.

Architect Davide Dulcetti and his studio Plano were instrumental in rolling out the identity into physical space, making the first remodeled store look both modern and like it had always been that way forever.

Many fruits were consumed in the making of this project, yum!


Creative Direction Rodrigo Saiani
Design Rodrigo Saiani, Lucas Campoi, Carlos Mignot, Ana Laura Ferraz, Felipe Casaprima, Gabriel Menezes, Aline Caruso e Valter Costa
Architecture Davide Dulcetti, Daniel Fernandes, Tiago Tasca, Nicolle Prado (Plano Arquitetura e Design)
Lettering Felipe Casaprima, Carlos Mignot, Rodrigo Saiani
Photography Tomás Rangel

BigBi Sucos & Sandubas
Multiple Owners
Plau Design