The site, located in Odessa, Ukraine, has been neglected for decades, because of that it created an economic and social divide between the lower and the higher parts of the city. Healing this divide is an important step to revitalize this part of the neighborhood.

    The main goal of the project is creation of a sustainable park, that doesn’t interfere with territory’s natural and topographical features and doesn’t oversaturate it with activities. Another big influence on design was the desire to make the park cheap to maintain and operate.

    Project’s concept is influenced by the context, new objects create contrast with existing historical and topographical elements, by not trying to imitate natural aspects of the site. This, in turn, highlights those elements and creates a new “layer” of history.


1. Dog walking area  2. "Wilderness" area  3. Stair seating  4. WC  5. BBQ area  6. Catacombs museum  7. Lawn 
8. Entrance to the catacombs​​​​​​​

Section A-A

Section B-B

Section C-C

Public WC