Poster for EBGE awards

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  • Poster made for EBGE awards 2013 in the young designers' category
    Subject: “LOOK  AT ME”
    Poster inspired by the dramatic increase in homelessness in Greece and particularly in Athens, the last 3 years.
The estimates speak of about 20,000 people, half of them in Athens, who live on the street or in substandard housing, while many more are those who are at risk of homelessness. Due to the economic crisis and unemployment, lately found a continuous increase, approximately 25%.
    Poster digitally designed, on a grayscale background, giving a minimal approach of the city and the passerby's who is "embedded" in it. The homeless, is designed with more details, while his covered face emphasises the work's title "Look at me." The misspelled message has a ton of hyperbole, since now most homeless people have at least the basic level of education, in contrast to earlier. The message is written in a handwriting typography as if it was written by himself.
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