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    Sofa is a document-oriented content management solution.
Sofa CMS
web development - 2009
Sofa is a content management system that I developed as a successor to UNIK and several other solutions in use.

With recent advancements in database technology and concepts, a reimplementation of my initial design principles was more or less imminent. Taking full advantage of the document oriented database CouchDB, the system is easily customized as client needs evolve. Any type of content can be added, because of its modular structure.

Similarly, the user interface brings together the looks and interactions that users expect nowadays, bridging the gap between desktop and web applications, while providing a flexible base layout.
technology Sofa is based on CouchDB, poster-child of a new breed of databases, known as the NoSQL movement. It's inherently document-based, which allows a free-form structure of data. The ability to add files as attachments to these documents brings a clear advantage by simplifying the management of images and downloads within the system.

The Merb Ruby framework ties the database and back-end logic to a friendly user-interface, providing a seamless experience and quick interaction.

It's worth noting that Sofa is based on
part of my contribution to the Merb project when I was a full-time committer to just before its 1.0 release in 2008. It means that the main application is sliced into distinct mini-applications that can interact with each other to provide completely modular setup.

concept + implementation atelier fabien
user interface design + logo samo korošec