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I was responsible for creating illustrations of 3 all time heroes of Chilean football team

'Club Social y Deportivo Colo-Col
o': David Arellano, Carlos Caszely and Jaime Pizarro.

Each was to be made in a different style and technique.
Made for
Campeones de Estampa in 2010.
Arellano / Pen drawing and Adobe Photohop / 2010

David Arellano born in Santiago, Chile, 29 July 1902. His professional debut came at 17 years of age for Chilean football club Magallanes in 1919. In 1925 he along with other members parted from Magallanes football club to form a new club which came to be known in Chile as Colo Colo. Arellano is attributed with showcasing the bicycle kick or in Chile known
as the Chilena through footballing tours that were conducted in Europe.  Arellano played for the Chilean national team that participated in the 1924 and 1926 editions of Copa America. On 3 May 1927 in Valladolid, Spain while on tour with Colo Colo, David Arellano encountered peritonitis after being hit by an opposing player during a match. Shortly after the incident Arellano was brought to a nearby clinic where he would ultimately die. In his memory Colo Colo club shirts
carry a black line over the main emblem as does the Estadio Monumental David Arellano.*

Se pa  / Pencil drawing and Adobe Photohop / 2010

Carlos Humberto Caszely Garrido born July 5, 1950 in Santiago, Chile. Former Chilean footballer of Hungarian origin, nicknamed 'Rey del metro cuadrado' (English: King of the square meter, Portuguese: O Rei do Metro Quadrado). Regarded as one of Chile's most important players, between 1969 and 1985, Caszely won 49 caps and scored 29 goals for the Chile national team, including participations in the 1974 and 1982 World Cups. Cazsely played for several football teams in his career, including Colo-Colo (1968-1973), Levante UD (1973 -1974), RCD Espanyol (1974-1978), finally returning to Colo-Colo (1974-1978). During the opening 1974 FIFA World Cup match against West Germany, Caszely was controversially given a red card by the match referee, becoming the first player to be sent off in this manner. Red and yellow cards had already been introduced in the past World Cup (1970). Today he works as a host for several sport related TV shows in Canal 13, a Chilean based TV station and plays football at amateur level for a team called 'Colo-Colo 1973', composed of former Colo-Colo players.*

*via Wikipedia.
Doce Pasos  / Pencil drawing and Adobe Photohop / 2010

Jaime Augusto Pizarro Herrera born 2 March 1964 in Santiago) is a retired football player who played 53 times
for the Chile national team between 1987 and 1993. He currently serves as Sub-secretary of the National Institute of Sports of the government of Michelle Bachelet. He played at midfield principally in the team Colo-Colo , the team where he was crowned champion as a player and as a coach. He began his career in Colo-Colo making his professional debut
on March 1982 in a friendly game against Olimpia. He played for Colo-Colo until 1993. For this team he won 6 national championships, 5 Apertura cups and and 3 international titles, including the Copa Libertadores de América. Later
on his career he played for Argentinos JuniorsBarcelona Sporting Club, he came back for a brief period to Colo-Colo
in 1994 to later play for UANL Tigres where he played for the entire year 1995. Finally he returned to Chile to play
for Palestino and Universidad Católica, where he won a seventh league championship in 1997.*

*via Wikipedia.
Arellano II - alternative version / Pen drawing, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photohop / 2010
Se Pasó II - alternative version / Pen drawing, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photohop / 2010
Doce Pasos II - alternative version / Pen drawing, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photohop / 2010

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3 Illustrations of famous Chilean footballers.