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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049
Set of three limited edition silk screened posters

Private Commission


BR2049 Regular — Opal

"All the best memories are hers." — K

Size: 24x36" — Year: 2018 — Colors: 12 
Printed on Neenah Esse Pearlized Opal paper


BR2049 Copper Variant

"Sometimes to love someone,
you got to be a stranger." — Rick Deckard

Size: 24x36" — Year: 2018 — Colors: 12
Printed on Neenah Stardream Copper paper


BR2049 Replicant Variant

"I always knew you were special.
Maybe this is how. A child. Of woman born. Pushed into the world. Wanted. Loved." — Joi

Size: 24x36" — Year: 2018 — Colors: 20
Printed on Neenah Stardream Citrine paper

Design Process
2017 — 2019

Main inspiration for the poster was the 4 color silk screened poster
for the original Blade Runner created as part of a private commission back in 2015.
I wanted the new poster to reflect what BR2049 was to the original
— a sequel that has a voice of it's own.

Early Experiments & Vectors

Final sketch next to the original silk screened poster Silver Regular & Gold Variant. 
Idea for "Mother & Son" diptych. 

Details from the original drawing (Levels applied) — pen on paper

Color separations — Details



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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

Set of three silk screend posters for Blade Runner 2049 / Private commission