Having analyzed the sites issued for the placement of the parking lot, I did not quite see the philosophy of placing the parkland in principle, since the parkland is located on the ground parking of cars along the roads and the parquette is a continuation of the pavement. But in principle you can understand why only the sidewalks or squares featured on the photo fixation. Because the cars park in an unauthorized place directly on the sidewalk. And thus the pavement wanted to do not continue the pavement, but actually the pavement itself without cars parked there. And since the conditions were stated to create a parquet, not the creation of street furniture for the city's improvement. I have somewhat moved the location of the parkland, because the location of these locations was the most appropriate location on the street Kievskaya 26 (Ukrtelecom), but after reviewing the placement of parkland in other cities, I noticed that most of them are located on narrow areas of the pavement (which is due to the extension of the sidewalk due to the parking lot) . So I moved the location of the parkland down the street 20, directly opposite the exit from the Post, near the transition.
   There is a parqueth itself in order to sit down to rest, there is also a surface for the possibility of having a snack or drinking tea or coffee. There are also elements for placing the green in flower beds or flower pots. Also provided parking for bicycles.
The general dimensions of the parklate 10,000x2560x1550 mm, the material for the manufacture of the parquet floor was chosen moisture-resistant plywood for formwork.

Parklet in Zhytomyr